Rebirth of the oldest craftsmanship traditions shaped in a contemporary form of a building

In each of our projects lies a thorough analysis and understanding of context. When these aspects combine, a unique and diverse piece of architecture emerges from our minds.

Extra attention from the client was paid for the unity of the building with nature and it led us to the exploration. A vitality of the relationship between home and environment was a key to a prosperity of our wise ancestors. The Scandinavian spirit was reflected in clean and minimalistic traditional forms while saving the authentic principles of working with relief and texture.

The main concept of building, organization is the unity of a resident with the environment, where a part of the space serves both as a ‘border’ between the two main volumes and a component of a plan. The house itself consists of a glazed gallery that connects two vast spaces. A winter garden inside of the gallery is a continuation of the landscape and the main circulation zone. The stairs bind together not only first and second floors but also run through the gallery and down to the courtyard.

The left part of the house accommodates the main living spaces with forest view far from the noise distributors and engineering systems. A combined kitchen and dining space are located on the first floor, on the second – bedrooms and cabinet. The right part accommodates relaxation zones with sauna, pool and playing areas, also part of the utility rooms, bathrooms and a garage with parking slots.

Unity with nature is a key concept for this project. Providing peace and rest from a city it recovers lost power and clears the mind. While exploring the sensory perception of the forest we developed a communication between the symbolic and minimal language of the materials. Integration into the landscape provokes such topic as a harmony of progressive technologies. Rather than attempting to dominate the landscape, this minimalist project invites to step inside and experience the calm atmosphere.

  • Date : December 2015
  • Design team : Siarhei Kuratski, Sergej Pogorelov, Andrei Mikhalenko, Anastasiya Neumiarzhytskaya
  • Status : Proposal
  • Location : Copenhagen
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