Liberland design competition

1st place
(in collaboration with RAW-NYC)


RAW-NYC for Liberland team envisions a micro-nation formed by an open source society that embraces freedom and provides equal opportunities to innovate. A value synonymous with freedom, innovation safeguards the needs of future generations. The systems of Liberland’s built and natural environment are integrated to create unlimited opportunities for its citizens regardless of their ethnicity, race, age, gender or profession, allowing them to reach their full potential and participate collectively in financial gains. The urban environment is constructed in dense nodes around transport using Inverted Archeology, an urban design and architecture technique specifically formulated by the RAW-NYC for Liberland team for this project, whereby the city-state is built in consecutive temporal layers to form a self-sufficient, compact, dense, integrated and transit friendly urban fabric. It is an eco-city state with a minimal ecological footprint that cultivates and grows algae on the underside of each city layer, producing power and supporting an urban farming strategy that does not require sunlight. Simply put, Liberland is the first algae-fueled nation-state.


Being a part of the team, we were focused on the delivery and quality of parametric design. Creation of such a holistic model required compliance of various factors:

  • Relationship  between open and enclosed spaces;
  • Remoteness of the objects from the main axis and communication lines;
  • Change in the size dependence;
  • Size and frequency of the open public spaces;
  • Typology of the allocated objects;
  • and much more.
  • Date : February 2016
  • Client : Liberland Design Competition
  • Design team : Sergej Pogorelov; Siarhei Kuratsky; Anastasiya Neumiarzhytskaya; Dmitri Kiselev; Andrei Mikhalenko
  • Status : 1st Place
  • Location : Liberland
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