Algorithmic Irokez

The algorithmically designed and 3d-printed object for fashion show

This project is about designing and producing with a 3d-printing unique object for the show by Belarusian fashion designer KUCHERENKO. This show closed the Belarusian Fashion Week 2014 and became the first to include both 3d-printed and algorithmically designed object in fashion industry of eastern Europe.

  • Date : March 2014
  • Client : KUCHERENKO
  • Design team : Maria Pogorelova, Sergej Pogorelov, Dmitri Kiselev, Sergei Kuratski, Andrei Mikhalenko
  • PH : Kanaplev Leydik
  • MD : Lexi Matsuk
  • Status : Fabricated
  • Location : Minsk, Belarus
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