Competition entry

For moving forward successfully, you need to remember what you have left behind. According to our concept, the art object represents 25 years of Bank history. To achieve the idea we decided to grow a “money tree” using generative design. Day by day, coin by coin. For guiding the grow vector 3-dimensional Hilbert curve was used as an example of Peano curves first described in 1890 – exactly 100 years before the Bank was established. Through further investigation, we found that slightly changing Hilbert curve angle from 90 degrees, it is possible to achieve some interesting and unpredictable results. Finally, we used the curve as direction for the process of gradual objects generation, which is very much alike with the process of plants grows in nature. We ended up with 1200 elements by the number of weeks in 25 years. So every person walking by can visually value the quarter of sanctuary Bank history embodied in the art object. As well as be able to stay for a while and trace it day by day, coin by coin.

  • Date : June, 2015
  • Client : Belgazprombank
  • Design team : Sergej Pogorelov; Siarhei Kuratsky, Dmitry Kiselev, Andrei Mikhalenko
  • Status : Competition entry
  • Location : Minsk, Belarus
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