A House

600+ m2  Private house in Minsk

Such a unique and complicated envelope of the building was determined by the program to fit 600+ m2 building within the 700 m2 construction site of irregular shape.

One of the main design issues was the direct north orientation of the longest edge of the site. To face this problem the main spine of the building in the northeast – southwest direction was created. This line became the key for the further design. The volume of the spine both on the ground floor and the basement is filled with light coming through the large windows and skylights between the levels. All the main rooms are connected to the spine and oriented accordingly.

The exterior volume of the overhanging first floor is crossing the border between inner and outer space and form the very prominent position for the fireplace.

Another interesting design feature is the absence of the fence in front of the main façade. This very unique for the Belarus solution enabled to merge the space of the street with the building so that the beautiful and spacious entrance area was created.

  • Date : December 2013
  • Design team : Sergej Pogorelov, Andrei Mikhalenko
  • Status : Under construction
  • Location : Minsk, Belarus
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